Friday, June 25, 2010

California- Day One

Whew!!!  We finally made it home from California on Tuesday.  I have been so busy since we have been home to even look at my computer.  It's back to reality with unpacking, laundry, bills, and everything else.  I titled this post California- Day One, but no I'm not going to have 14 California blog posts.   The trip was so long and we did so much that I will probably break it up into a few days.  To some, the pictures may not be that interesting depending on what part of the country you live on.  We normally travel east to Florida, so this is a first in this direction.  Yes, we drive if some are asking.  My hubby is the type who likes to stop at every historical or fun place on the way.  He thinks we will miss out on some things if we fly over it.  In my opinion I would rather fly over it all if that meant that I would get there in a fraction of the time.  Anyway, we headed west this time to California from Texas.  It was LONG!  I wanted to take pictures of what I saw because I knew after this long trip I would never want to drive it again. So this is what I did to pass time (I totally looked like a tourist)...

We mostly saw this...

Mountains...well they look like mountains to me.  In our part of Texas everything is FLAT!



Dust tornadoes.  I'm not sure if that is the technical name, but that is what it looks like.


Very HIGH gas prices (yes I took a picture)...

and signs with what seemed to be ENDLESS miles to our destination.

We finally made it, and they girls were so excited.

Although it seemed like we would NEVER make it, and it was as boring as watching water boil, I'm glad we decided to drive.  We made some great memories, and it was so much fun being with my family.  My parents also went...they were driving ahead of us.  More pictures to come this week of the San Diego zoo, Legoland, Padre's baseball game, and other fun things we did! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This morning we are headed out to beautiful San Diego, California!  We are looking forward to some much needed, and wanted, R&R.  I will TRY to blog while I am there, so check back for pictures of my little girlies soaking up some sun, or roaring back at the animals at the zoo!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Start of Summer

Wow have we been busy!  Since school is out we have been non stop!  This will be a quick "catch up" post full of pictures and random stories of what we have been up to.  A couple of weeks ago my friend Misty got married, and we were all in the wedding except for little Trinity.  The girls loved getting all dressed up for the wedding.
It was a beautiful wedding, and I wish Misty and Jonathan a life full of blessings.  On Memorial Day we all went to my parent's house for burgers and swimming.  The kids couldn't wait to swim.  They ate super fast and waited by the front door!  I remember being excited like that when I was their age. 
This little girl was FEARLESS!  She jumped off the diving board so many times! 

She is already a little fish!  Lilah and Trinity also had a great time swimming and jumping.

My parents just came back from a cruise and brought back dresses for my little girls.  I love them!

Yesterday my niece's baby had a party at this new place in town that is a room full of bouncy houses and inflatable areas for kids.  It was so much fun and the girls loved it.  They didn't want to leave, so I have a feeling we will be visiting this place a lot during the summer. 

It was so funny watching Trinity slide.  It was really fast and she just flew down it each time.  Finally I have been doing a lot of sewing lately.  I have baby gifts, dresses, and skirts to make.  I will post about this when I finished, but here is a small peek at a little dress...

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer!