Friday, February 25, 2011

Streets of Gold

This morning my sweet step-father went home to be with Jesus.  He battled cancer for 4 short months.   He is such a wonderful man of God.  He guided us, prayed with us, and lead us all to the Lord.  My life would not be what it is today without him.  The Lord used him to impact all our lives.  His healing didn't come in this life, but in the moment he went to heaven he was healed!  All day I have been thinking about Heaven.  How wonderful it must be.  I can imagine him walking hand in hand with our Saviour Jesus Christ down the streets of gold.  I am heartbroken because I miss him tremendously, but I am also rejoicing that one day I will get to see him again healed, happy and walking again.  I want to thank everyone for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Metroplex Gymnastics Meet

Last weekend we headed out to Fort Worth because the girls had a gymnastics meet.  It was their last meet of this season, and they we so excited to compete again.  This meet was different than all the others we went to this season because all levels of gymnastics were there to compete.  They had competitions all day the entire weekend.  On the first morning we watched the elite girls in the main arena.  They were so awesome, and some will be at the Olympic trials next year! 

Lilah and Celeste competed at 5 pm on Saturday...late nap time for little sister.  She missed it all.

They did the best at this meet than any other this season.  Celeste improved so much from her last competition.

Lilah also did great!
Three members of their team weren't able to make it to the meet, but the girls still won 2nd place in their level!  Celeste was so proud to hold the trophy!  It was almost as tall as her!

When the girls finished their competition the college gymnastics meet was starting in the arena, so we hurried over there to watch!  Alabama, Missouri, LSU, and Nebraska were the teams competing!  It was so awesome watching these girls.  They were amazing!

Alabama won!  They did so good, and the girls loved watching them.  We headed out early the next morning, and as we were checking out the Pittsburgh Steelers were checking in the hotel we stayed at.  I don't care much about football unless it's the Cowboys, but my husband thought it was neat that the Steelers were there.

On another subject we (very very very south Texans) are expected to get 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow!  Yes I said SNOW!!  It NEVER snows here.  In fact it never even reaches freezing temperatures here.  I know, some of you who live where you see feet of snow every year are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at the fact that we are so excited about 1 inch!  But hey, I will take anything considering we won't see snow again for another 25 years!  The schools already shut down for the rest of the week, and we have been inside all day because it has been in the 20s.  That's really really really cold to us!   Hopefully my next post will have pictures of snow!!