Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ballerina Bumble Bee

Since  December Trinity has been taking ballet lessons.  It's actually not lessons, but more of a fun dance class without the importance of technique.  The name of the dance school is Tippi Toes, and they were actually on the ABC show Shark Tank.  They impressed the "sharks" and now their business has grown throughout the nation.  It really is a great dance class for little girls who just want to have fun.  With the end of the school year also came the end of ballet, and Trinity had her first recital. 

She was so cute during the recital, she did so well.  I thought she was going to cry on stage, but she did her dance with a smile!
They danced to three cute "bumble bee" songs.  The auditorium was so packed out that I had to stand way in the back.  My pictures didn't turn out like I wanted, but she still looks so cute! 

Her group was the first to go.  The teachers stood in isles of the auditorium so the girls could watch them do the dance moves.   When she was finished we all gave her flowers and told her what an awesome job she did.  She was so excited and proud.

Lilah and Celeste are ALWAYS getting trophies and medals for all the sports they do, so it was nice to see Trinity rewarded on that day.  She was soaking up all the attention!

Great job Trinity!  Your were the most beautiful ballerina bumblebee!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

My stepfather is a Vietnam veteran.
His stories of heroism are unbelievable.
He has 2 purple hearts and a silver star.
His bravery lasted a lifetime.
His love for the USA was never failing.
He had bullet fragments in his chest.
He had permanent hearing loss.
He did it for our country.
Thank you for all you did for our freedom.
I wish he was still here so I can tell him myself.

So on this Memorial Day...
Thank you to ALL who have sacrificed time from your family or ultimately your life for our freedom.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Splash Day!

On Tuesday Trinity's class at school had their splash day!  She woke up so excited to go to school.  She picked out her bumble bee swim suit, and was ready to go out the door!  She LOVES the water.  It doesn't matter if it's a pool, water hose, or bathtub she loves it all. 

Isn't this swim suit so cute?  I love the back of it.

Trinity ran around for about 30 minutes going from pool to pool and down the big water slide they had.  It was about 95 degrees that day, or it at least felt like it, so I know it was refreshing to play in some water. 

After the kids played outside they were treated with a pizza party!  What else does she love other than swimming?  PIZZA!  She ate so much for such a teeny girl.

The next day on Wednesday was Celeste's class splash day.  She was equally excited to go to school that morning. 

She played in the pools, and the big water beach ball.  I think this ball is so neat I just might have to get one for our house. 

Celeste decided that after about 20 minutes she was finished.  She said there was too much grass on her and too many kids in the pool!  She sat out and waited for her pizza party.

She looks REAL excited in this picture!  Finally the pizza arrived and they had a picnic outside and ate.

Trinity doesn't go to school on Wednesdays so she got to enjoy pizza and Popsicles again with her sister.  The wind was so crazy that day.  Can't you tell by her hair? 

As of yesterday these two are officially finished with preschool and ready for SUMMER!  Whew!  It went fast, but I am ready to enjoy a relaxing summer with my girls!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Celeste and Trinity both had their end of year school program.  They usually have two a school year, and they are always emotional for me.  I held back tears, but inside I was just overjoyed at how blessed I am to have my girls, and to see them growing up so fast.  It seems like it was yesterday we were here watching the Christmas program.  I know everyone always says time flies, but it really does.  This year flew by so quickly, and I can't believe it's summer already.  The theme this program was an ocean, so I thought this sweet fishy smocked dress would be perfect!  Trinity did so good!  I thought for sure she would get on stage and start asking for me.  She sang her songs and looked so cute!

 Celeste also did great!  She is so fun to watch and has so much energy and personality when she sings!  
She was standing way in the back, so it was a little hard to get good pictures. This was the last preschool program for Celeste.  She is now going to be a Kindergartner.  Such a BIG girl!   After all the children were finished singing they started the "graduation" for the pre-k kids.  Celeste had the sweetest and biggest smile on her face when they called her name.

Her teacher is the BEST!  She was awesome with the children, and taught them so much.  Some things Celeste learned this school year was all the bones in the body, all the states from the west coast to the east coast, all the planets, addition and subtraction, fractions, and most importantly she learned to read!  I think she will be very prepared for Kindergarten!  Celeste loves school, and already talks about missing her school.  I think it is great that she loves to learn! 
Celeste and Trinity, I am SO proud of you and feel so blessed to be your Mommy!  You are both so special!  I love you so much!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up

Saying it's been a while since I last wrote is kind of an understatement.  It has been way to long. There is no real important reason just the fact that we have been beyond busy.  We have literally been non stop for 2 months.  Barely time to breathe not much time to sit and write.  School and sports are finally coming to an end for this season.  I can't wait for summer to officially begin.  It certainly feels like summer here in south Texas.  It's been in the upper 90s for about a month now. 

After Al passed I helped my mom for about a month.  She sold her house without it ever being on the market.  A friend of a friend was looking in the area for a home her size and looked at it one day, and bought it the next.  A huge blessing.  I bet I know who was doing the negotiating up in heaven!  She didn't plan on selling right away, but just couldn't pass on the offer.  She moved to her "second home" which is a beautiful condo on the ocean.  She is adjusting and trying to fit all of her "stuff" into 3,000 sq ft of LESS space than she had before.  With the help of my hubby she now has some beautiful built-ins that will accommodate all the important things like shoes and handbags.  You can read about her journey here

Delilah just finished up her softball season, and did great. We had such a great season!  She also received an award from the local Water and Soil Conservation District for winning 1st place for their poster contest. 
She was so excited, and even more excited about her cash prize she received.  Lilah is still in gymnastics and is training to compete in level 4 this year!  She is almost finished with 2nd grade and almost 8! I just don't know where time goes. 

Celeste turned the big 5!  We had her party at the gym where they go to gymnastics.  All this kids had such a great time, and I loved it because I didn't have to keep the kids entertained!

Celeste is almost finished with her first year of t-ball.  She just loved playing and at this age, its so fun to watch the kids play! 

Celeste is also still in gymnastics and she will be competing in level 3 this season!  She is almost finished with pre-k and she is beyond excited about Kindergarten in the fall.  I know she will do great and have so much fun! 

Trinity also had a birthday.  She is now 3!  We were in Houston visiting family on her birthday, so my aunt made her a cake which she just loved!

She looks like such a big girl now!  I'm not sure what happened to her baby face.  Trinity is almost finished with ballet, and will have her recital next weekend.  She has informed me that she does NOT want to do ballet again!  I thought she liked it, but I guess not.  Her favorite thing to do is play with her baby dolls.  All 25 of them! 

While in Houston we went to the Astros/Padres game.  We have a friend who is a pitcher for the Padres and we got to watch him pitch.  The girls also loved it because of all the treats they get at a baseball game!

We also took the girls to the Children's Museum which was so much fun!

 Easter was also great.  We had a wonderful church service, and a delicious lunch at church.  My husband took this picture of me and the girls before church.  I think its now my new favorite!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!