Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ballerina Bumble Bee

Since  December Trinity has been taking ballet lessons.  It's actually not lessons, but more of a fun dance class without the importance of technique.  The name of the dance school is Tippi Toes, and they were actually on the ABC show Shark Tank.  They impressed the "sharks" and now their business has grown throughout the nation.  It really is a great dance class for little girls who just want to have fun.  With the end of the school year also came the end of ballet, and Trinity had her first recital. 

She was so cute during the recital, she did so well.  I thought she was going to cry on stage, but she did her dance with a smile!
They danced to three cute "bumble bee" songs.  The auditorium was so packed out that I had to stand way in the back.  My pictures didn't turn out like I wanted, but she still looks so cute! 

Her group was the first to go.  The teachers stood in isles of the auditorium so the girls could watch them do the dance moves.   When she was finished we all gave her flowers and told her what an awesome job she did.  She was so excited and proud.

Lilah and Celeste are ALWAYS getting trophies and medals for all the sports they do, so it was nice to see Trinity rewarded on that day.  She was soaking up all the attention!

Great job Trinity!  Your were the most beautiful ballerina bumblebee!


Annie said...

Great pictures and Trinity looks so cute.

Charlotte Ann said...

Cutest Bumble Bee I've ever seen! :0)