Friday, July 30, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Moms

We all know that our children say the most outrageous, hilarious, and all the time sometimes embarrassing things.  Well, have you ever caught yourself saying outrageous, hilarious, or embarrassing things to your children?  I have!  MckMama is hosting "Out of the mouths of babes moms".  Here are some of the things I have said within the last week to my children.

"No you may not have any more coffee, you already drank half of mine"

"No you may not have Oreo cookies and milk for breakfast"

"Please don't hold the puppy by the throat....because he can't breathe.....because you are choking him"

"Put the scissors down...remember what you did to my hair last time you played with them"

"Because you have to wear a shirt to play outside"

"No you cannot touch those panties on that mannequin"

And my FAVORITE....
Q (from my 2 year old) "Momma why are you breathing?"

"Because I have to breathe to stay alive"

Q (from 2 year old)

And my answer that answers ALL questions...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July has been well....BUSY!  If you haven't noticed by my lack of blogging!  I feel like we have been non-stop all month, and when I have time at home I try to catch up on housework.  Some people hace "weekend reviews" on their blogs...well today for me is going to be a "month review".  On the 3rd my beautiful daughter celebrated her 7th birthday!  I can't believe she is 7, and yes I will probably say that every year! 
We had a little swimming party with her sisters and a few friends.  It was such a nice day, and we had the pool to ourselves.  I loved watching these little girls giggle all day!

Trinity enjoyed the food (all over her face in the pic above) especially the watermelon.
About the second week in July we packed up our travel trailer, and headed to youth camp in Lufkin.  I was so excited to go this year because it was our first time at this particular camp.  Lilah was old enough this year to be a camper.  She really wanted to stay in the dorms with the other girls.  I was a little worried at first, but she did great and had an awesome time! 
 During the week the kid campers and youth campers were separated and did different activities throughout the day, including church services in the morning and evening.  I spent most of the day on the playground with my little girls!  It was soooo HOT, and didn't even phase the girls!

Trinity is ready for church!  The services were so awesome!  On the last night of camp we all met at one service.  The place was packed!  The children's choir sang first, and I was so proud of my Lilah!  (She is in the middle with a white sweater and a black, white, blue and pink dress.  Her hair is pulled back.)

It was a long week, but we had so much fun!  I can't wait until next year.  The last week has been quiet around here.  I am just trying to catch up on laundry and some sewing projects.  It has also been very rainy here in Texas the past few days which is great weather to just stay home and relax!  I hope you all had a great week, and I promise to post more often!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Faith, Friends & Fireworks on the Fourth!

On the 4th we had such a busy day scheduled.  We headed to church in the morning, and before loading in the car I snapped a few pics of these precious girls.  I made the dresses that my little girls are wearing.  Lilah didn't want a matching dress so we found one that she loved.
I love everything about the 4th of July.  I love the scorching hot warm weather, fireworks, and most of all spending time with my family and friends.  I love that this year the 4th fell on a Sunday.  After church we went to eat lunch at another church that we fellowship with and ate the best BBQ chicken with all the trimmings.  After lunch we had an afternoon service and sang some wonderful patriotic songs.  When church was over the girls ran to the playground to play with their friends.

This little firecracker went down the slide countless times!

She kept giggling every time she went down.  

This pretty girl swinging turned 7 the day before. (Birthday post coming next!)

Celeste ran around and played the entire afternoon, but kept asking me about every 30 minutes if they were going to pop fireworks yet.  Not because she wanted to see them, but because she was scared.  Poor baby.  She doesn't like them at all. So when they started the fireworks she got to enjoy watching them...from INSIDE! 
I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful and free country!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

San Diego Zoo

On the second day we were in San Diego we planned to go to the zoo.  I was looking forward to going because I have always heard how wonderful and big it was.  I was like a child and so excited to go, probably more than the girls!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  The high was 69!  We couldn't have asked for better weather, considering when we left Texas it was 98 degrees.  It was definitely a big change.  We took a trolley ride through Balboa park, which was actually the wrong way to the zoo but a beautiful ride.  We had to walk a few blocks to get to the zoo from the park. 

The map of the zoo was so big and full of different animals and things to do for the children.  We wanted to see everything!  It all looked like so much fun!  Here are some pictures of our favorite animal exhibits.

This guy was just walking all over the place like he owned it!  We saw him on top of the ladies restroom.

and my girls absolute FAVORITE were the polar bears!

We all sat there for a while watching these silly bears play in the water.
Lilah and Celeste were sitting in front of the polar bear tank!

I obviously had more pictures than words this time!