Friday, January 6, 2012


Yes, its been MONTHS since I last updated this blog.  I'm just so busy. I attended a baby shower for one of my best friends that I have known since we were little girls last month, and she told me that she loved my blog and wished I updated it more.  I felt bad.  Blogging is one way family and friends who live far can check in on my family and see what we have been up to.  I'm sure I have said this before, but I mean it this time...I'm going to stop slacking and write more often.  I can't promise a new post everyday or even every other day, but at least once a week.  So, let me get started.   This is going to have a ton of pictures, and I will try to make it short and sweet! A lot has happened since last time I updated.  The girls finished their first semester of school (not sure if its called "semester" in elementary school, but it sounds good)  and they absolutely LOVE school this year.  Delilah joined the fine arts club, and has really enjoyed it.  She also played softball this fall, and their team did so awesome! Trinity was less thrilled about her game and snoozed on the equipment bag.
Delilah is no longer competing in gymnastics.  She has moved on to All Star Cheerleading.  Something I've been avoiding since she was 3.  She is "trying" it out and finishing out the competition season which means she has a lot of choreography to learn in a short amount of time before Nationals (which from what I hear is a big deal). 

Celeste is awesome like aways! We made a trip to the eye doctor not too long ago, and she was in need of glasses.  Astigmatism in both eyes and her vision in each eye is different.  Thanks to my husband who noticed she couldn't see well, Celeste looks cuter than ever with her new glasses.
Trinity is such a big girl.  She no longer looks like a baby.  She reminds everyone that she will be 4 soon.  I can't believe 4!  She had a little accident before Thanksgiving.  Delilah and Trinity were playing on the sofa and she fell off the arm of the sofa and landed right on her elbow.  After a trip to the doctor and a few x-rays it was confirmed that she broke her elbow.  She handled it well, and picked out a hot pink cast! 

Thanksgiving was great.  We spent the day with family and ate some great food.  The weather was warm so the kids played all day with cousins.
After Thanksgiving we packed our bags boarded a plane and headed to...

Breckenridge Colorado!  Oh my I can't even tell you how COLD it was there.  You have to remember where we live in Texas it stays in the 70s during the winter.  So, in the mountains where we stayed it was 2 degrees.  Major change! 

We had so much fun the week we were there.  Some of the things we did were a gondola ride up the mountain.

 A roller coaster ride on the mountain through trees
 We saw the play "A Christmas Story" at a little theater in town.

 We went tubing down a big hill

 We took a long drive, and visited the cutest little towns on the edge of mountains.

 Took ski classes and then tried it on our own

Went dog sledding
 Had a visitor at our balcony every morning
 and just enjoyed time to relax

Colorado was fun, but I sure was glad to be back in warm Texas!!  Christmas came way to fast. 
We enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas Eve at my Mom's.  The girls had fun opening gifts.

and we all had fun playing games!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and great start to the New Year! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

School and Schedules

Well its has started and we must get back on a decent schedule!  Summer was so much fun.  We swam practically everyday and when we weren't swimming we were doing something fun.  Every year I am so ready for school to start, but this year we were bummed it was ending.  The girls gymnastics competition season has already started, and they had their first official meet.

 The pictures are not the best.  I get nervous at their meets, and I try to take quick pictures so they don't see me and get distracted.  Celeste always has a smile on her face.  She smiles through her entire routines even when she runs to vault.  At least I know she is having fun!

 Celeste's team won 1st place.  They all did so awesome for their first meet!

 The girls started school on the 22nd.  Celeste is now in Kinder and started a new school this year.  She was probably the most excited.  She even ate breakfast with her backpack on that morning.  She got a really sweet teacher, and I know Celeste will have a great year.  I ate lunch a few times with her already, and she introduced me to all her new friends. Delilah started 3rd grade, and was not at all thrilled with picture taking in the morning, but she will have to deal with it because I will take her picture until she is in college.  Delilah also went to a new school this year.  In our small town each school only has 3 grades in it, so they move every three years to a new school.  She was excited mostly about Science class this year.  She told me all about the new science lab her school has, and how she gets to make volcanoes later in the year!

My sweet little Trinity is now in the 3 year old class at school.  She is still at the same Christian school that she went to last year.  She is going 3 days a week for a few hours.  She absolutely loves to go to school.  She ran into her room and didn't look back.  When I picked her up she told me about all her new friends, and all the fun they had on the playground.  I loved being with my girls every single day of the summer, but I have to say I love a little bit of Mommy time when they are at school.  Its amazing how much more I can get done in just  a few short hours.  So we are off to a good start, and I know its going to be a great year!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ballerina Bumble Bee

Since  December Trinity has been taking ballet lessons.  It's actually not lessons, but more of a fun dance class without the importance of technique.  The name of the dance school is Tippi Toes, and they were actually on the ABC show Shark Tank.  They impressed the "sharks" and now their business has grown throughout the nation.  It really is a great dance class for little girls who just want to have fun.  With the end of the school year also came the end of ballet, and Trinity had her first recital. 

She was so cute during the recital, she did so well.  I thought she was going to cry on stage, but she did her dance with a smile!
They danced to three cute "bumble bee" songs.  The auditorium was so packed out that I had to stand way in the back.  My pictures didn't turn out like I wanted, but she still looks so cute! 

Her group was the first to go.  The teachers stood in isles of the auditorium so the girls could watch them do the dance moves.   When she was finished we all gave her flowers and told her what an awesome job she did.  She was so excited and proud.

Lilah and Celeste are ALWAYS getting trophies and medals for all the sports they do, so it was nice to see Trinity rewarded on that day.  She was soaking up all the attention!

Great job Trinity!  Your were the most beautiful ballerina bumblebee!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

My stepfather is a Vietnam veteran.
His stories of heroism are unbelievable.
He has 2 purple hearts and a silver star.
His bravery lasted a lifetime.
His love for the USA was never failing.
He had bullet fragments in his chest.
He had permanent hearing loss.
He did it for our country.
Thank you for all you did for our freedom.
I wish he was still here so I can tell him myself.

So on this Memorial Day...
Thank you to ALL who have sacrificed time from your family or ultimately your life for our freedom.