Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weather, Fall, & Gymnastics

The last time I blogged was August 26th.  Bad bad blogger.  I know. I thought for sure that when school started I would have a lot more "free" time to blog, sew, and bake.  Not so much free time here the last few weeks.  It has rained for the past week and most of the city flooded which was sad to see on the news all the people who lost their home.  We have had more rain this summer than any other that I can remember.  There has been about 3 hurricanes that have hit just south of us in Mexico which means we got a TON of rain.  As I sit and type this a big black cloud is hovering over our town ready to let the rain out again.  The mosquitoes are going to be awful in the next few days.  Today is the first day of fall as most of you might already know, and I can't wait for some fall weather.  Cool crisp air sure does sound refreshing.  I already decorated for fall.  I just couldn't stand it anymore.  All the fall decorations were calling my name at Hobby Lobby, and I couldn't wait for October.  It's almost here anyway, so I'm close enough.  More on my decorations at a later post.  I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that my 2 older girls compete in gymnastics.  This is their first year competing on the team, and they are so excited, and have done awesome!  We have had 3 meets so far, and have 2 more to go. 
Lilah before her first meet.  She was so excited, and not nervous at all.  I kept reminding her all day what order her routines went.  I was more nervous than her. 

In the middle of her beam routine.  My husband took these pictures because I was so nervous watching her.

Sweet Celeste waiting her turn to vault.
Starting her bar routine with her sweet coach watching.

This girl loves watching her sisters.  Actually she slept most of the meet.

Celeste already took off her medal and I was holding her ribbons. Awesome job girls!  Can't wait until the next one!